Cities In UAE For Hair Transplantation

UAE Hair Transplant is very much explored by people as it is has very renowned centers for hair treatment. All the latest technique including FUT and FUE is practiced by experts here. In UAE whether its men or women, or young or elderly all prefer and choosing hair transplant as a solution to baldness or hair thinning alike. Many clinics are running in cities of UAE and successfully providing the services. But due to cost concern a large number of patients visit abroad. Though few travels abroad too like countries like India, Turkey to get hair transplant but majority still choose to get the procedure doing in UAE only. There few doctors who have performed 100+ hairs repair transplant. But before choosing hair treatment one must assure the quality the clinic provide and the medical norms they follow. Because there is huge increase in patients who are seeking repair hair transplants whose low cost hair transplant overseas is not up-to the mark or failed. Most of the low cost procedures are botched treatment, they really seeks money only. Though the technique is followed is same all over the world, but low cost center not follow the medical regulations. In such clinics transplant are carry out by the technicians and without a doctor. There is strong possibility of infection of the hair follicles, also called folliculitis or any kind of allergy, or extra bleeding which may proof fetal. Few temporary side effects a patient faces after the transplant which subsides within a week. After the procedure a patient is likely to develop swelling on scalp, itching, numbness, and shock loss. Preferred techniques of hair transplant in UAE FUT and FUE are two major techniques of hair transplant which is offered by centers in UAE. At the time of consultation doctors and his team analyze the condition of hair loss and accordingly plan the treatment. Low degree hair loss may not require the hair transplant; they may be treated by medicines or by PRP (Plasma Reach Plasma) treatment. FUT involves extraction of grafts from a strip of skin with hair taken from donor site. Whereas, FUE involves one by one extraction of grafts directly from donor sites using small punches. Then these grafts are inserted to the recipients’ site as per the plan. All the procedure remains painless under local anesthesia. In some cases where the donor grafts are insufficient to meet the requirement grafts from body parts like beard, chest, armpit and pubic area are utilized. Only FUE technique of graft extraction makes this achievable. This method of graft extraction from body is termed as body hair transplant. Men and women alike benefited from these techniques of hair restoration. Hair at eyebrow, beard, and moustache also restored using this technique, termed as facial hair transplant. Either men or women the number of grafts required varies with the degree of requirement. The degrees of baldness have been classified into 7 stages which are called as Norwood classification. There are other options are available apart from hair transplant. The most popular is non-surgical hair replacement system or hair weaving. If done by experts, the result can be very natural. It is fast and affordable solution. Hair replacement system don’t require drugs, no surgery and hence no risk. It is very common scenario where people start experiencing of male baldness at very early age as early as 25 years. 90 % of the male population suffers from male pattern baldness called androgenic alopecia. The modern living and stressful life caused by job responsibilities making things worse for men and women alike. You can compare, enquire, analyze, consult and choose from professionally skilled, highly educated doctors. Discover your desired hair transplant clinic in UAE on this platform by booking online consultation using this platform.