Cities In Italy For Hair Transplantation

In Italy there are many hair restoration centre has been established in last 10 years. Capital city and other major metros are best destination for hair restoration at hair transplant clinics. Hair transplant is most popular technique for natural hair growth at present. Some of the renowned hair transplant expert doctors have clinics here that provide the services at affordable cost. Some major reasons for hair transplant have acquired the position of most popular solution for hair restorations in Italy includes: 1) Hair Transplant technique’s ability to give naturally growing hair to a bald person. 2) Timely innovations in hair transplant procedures including the development of the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) technique is acting as a high effect rendering factor for more and more people are picking the hair transplant as a hair loss solution. 3) The modern lifestyle and eating unhealthy food which is resulting into hormonal imbalance, stress and malnutrition which is further causing premature hair loss. High dose of medications and radiation treatment are other factors which causes hair loss. All these factors further propelling the demand for hair transplant. HAIR SOLUTION IN ITALY: A Detailed Analysis Italy is ancient land; located in southern Europe on world map. It is land of historic places like the world famous tower of Pisa and Colosseum to mention few. Historical heritage, the beautiful cities, and the coasts make it top destination for medical tourism. At present Italy is holds the position of 8th biggest economy in the world and as per believe it is one of the most expensive country on Globe. Native Italians visits clinics here for their hair transplant and some choose abroad as well, due to expensive medical treatment in Italy. In European region Italy is 4th largest market for hair transplant after Germany, UK, France, and followed by Russia, Spain and Benelux. Here hair transplant services are provided by Hospitals, Clinics and Surgical Centers run by qualified and trained doctors. HAIR FALL IN DAILY LIFE Thick, glossy and high volume hair is mark of healthy hair and every one desire for the same. There may be hundreds of reason behind the hair loss. When bunch of hair tore in comb during combing, it gives fear of hair loss. A fall of 25 to 100 hairs is normal phenomenon, and nothing is to worry. Occurrence of such hair fall is filled with new hair in very short span of time. Hair fall during routine work is not a real hair loss. HAIR LOSS DETAILED CAUSES IN ITALY 1. Stress: 2. Family history (heredity): 3. Autoimmune Reason: 4. Thyroid Imbalance: 5. Radiation therapy to the head: 6. Hairstyles and treatments: 7. Change in Eco-System: 8. Hormonal changes and medical condition: A detailed analysis of hair loss condition and causes should be done before we come any conclusion about the same. Alarming situation of hair loss is when new hair growth is less than the hair fall and causes permanent thinning or baldness. Detailed information on hair loss causes are mentioned below: 1. Stress: At top of the list among the causes of hair loss is Stress. Stress is one of the common reasons for hair loss as it influences the hormones to a greater level which in turn leads to faster progression of genetic hair loss. Thus it acts as a major contributing factor in hair loss. Numerous individuals experience an overall thinning of hair a while after a physical or emotional shock. This type of hair loss is transitory. 2. Family history (heredity): Second reason behind the hair loss is very common, is due heredity, that is genetic reason. It’s most common among the causes of hair transplant which one has to face it surely if genetic hormones cause hair loss is present in the gene of person. Hair loss due to gene is more frequent in men and very less in women. Genetic hair loss is called androgenic alopecia in medical world. Androgenic alopecia is the causes of pattern in men and women baldness. Genetic hair loss first effects hair at the frontal and vertex area of the scalp. 3. Autoimmune Reason: Autoimmune is also a major cause of hair loss, in which hair follicles deteriorate due to error in immune system. In some cases this hair follicles get improved within a year without any treatment but in some case hair loss becomes permanent. Autoimmune condition causes which are called alopecia areata, in which hair follicles are killed by own misguided immune. This condition results in a patchy type of hair loss, scalp infections such as ringworm. Other condition which rises due to alopecia atreata is a hair-pulling disorder called trichotillomania. This may occur at any place in body like on scalp, eyebrows, mustache, and beard. Any individual in European countries including Italy may get alopecia areata condition as compared to high temperate countries. Psychological impacts and unpleasant life can work as catalyst for this condition. 4. Thyroid Imbalance: Disordered thyroid hormone can also cause hair loss. Lifestyle, psychological and emotional imbalance influences the thyroid imbalance. The individuals in Italy who live a very busy life to meet their living standards suffer from hair loss more contrasted to other developing countries. 5. Radiation therapy to the head: Hair loss may cause due to radiation therapy which is done to treat initial stage of cancer or tumor. In the greater part of the cases, the hair may not develop back the same as it was previously. 6. Hairstyles and treatments: Hairstyles that pull hair tight can cause a kind of balding called traction alopecia. People in Italy usually prefer various styling aids like many hot tools, different hair styles involving tightening of hair which some time result in traction alopecia. Untraditional treatment and too much experiment with medicines for hair growth, coloring and strengthening may hair to fall out. In the case of scarring, hair loss could be permanent. 7. Change in Eco System: There are other contributing factors for hair loss which includes changed lifestyle, poor nutrition, processed food, pollution and chemical treated water. Chemical application for hair styling also influences the nutrition value which some time causes hair loss. 8. Hormonal changes: Hormonal changes due to pregnancy, childbirth and menopause problems may also cause hair loss. The hormone first influences the follicles causing thinning of hair roots which ultimately results in the follicular loss. Hair Transplant in Italy Explained What Is a Hair Transplant? The hair transplant technique for hair re-growth is moving hair roots from one place of the body where the hair re-development required. Hair Transplant technique is categorized into two main techniques follicular unit extraction (FUE) and follicular unit transplantation (FUT). Basic difference in both techniques is the way the grafts are taken from the donor site. And the second is difference is the cost. FUT is less expensive and requires shorter surgery time as compared to FUE. Few benefits associated with FUT still drive the segmental development over the analysis period. HAIR TRANSPLANT TECHNIQUES There are two most hair transplant techniques which is practiced by doctors here to restore the hair. One is FUT (Follicular unit transplantation or strip technique) and other is FUE (Follicular unit extraction) technique. Both are differentiated on the basis of varying graft harvesting procedure explained as follows: 1. FUT: In this technique hair transplant is done by removing a thin strip from the donor area to harvest the hair grafts which is then sent to the detachment room for dismemberment. This is done by expert team of technicians’ using high magnification equipments. They separate the grafts and then these grafts are carefully transplanted at the beneficiary site. 2. FUE: In this technique the extraction is done individual follicular units (i, e. grafts) one by one from the donor site having good density of hair follicles with the help of punch. The extracted follicles are then transplanted at the beneficiary site. Brief Summary of Hair Transplant Procedure: 1. The hair in the donor site is shaved as per the requirement of the technique. 2. Local anesthesia is applied under doctor supervision on donor as well as recipient site. 3. The hair follicles are then harvested from donor area. If the technique is FUT then a strip of skin having hair grafts is taken from back of head, and if the technique is FUE then one by one hair grafts are extracted by surgical device. The harvesting of grafts done under higher magnification. In FUT the harvested grafts are separated by dissection of strip of skin taken from donor site. 4. Implantation site prepared by slitting method which is done taking hairline designed as base. Then grafts are inserted in the slits prepared and step by step whole baldness area is covered. 5. Post procedure washing is done after 24 hours by professional team until then the surgical area is bandaged. 6. Patients have to follow post operative instructions given after the completion of the procedure without failing. What to expect after Hair Transplant, and Its Recovery 1. After the surgery, your scalp may be very tender. You may need to take pain medications for several days. Your doctor will put bandages on your scalp with advice to put the same for at least for a day or two. Antibiotic or anti-inflammatory medicines are prescribed few days. Patient can return to work after 2 to 5 days after the procedure. 2. Within 2 to 3 weeks after the surgery, the outer part of transplanted grafts falls out. But one should not worry for anything. Newly growing hair becomes visible in 3 to 4 weeks after the surgery. It takes 6 to 9 months for complete hair growth. One needs to follow the post surgery instructions. Post Surgery Risk and Care of Hair Transplant 1. Like other transplants or procedures hair transplant also have some risks including bleeding and infection. If you don’t choose an experience doctor then there are also chances of scarring and unnatural-looking hair growth. 2. Some people experience inflammation or an infection of the hair follicles. This is called folliculate. Antibiotics and compresses provide relieve from problem. 3. If the doctors’ team is not experienced then it might be the case that you may not get the desired result and your money and afford may go in waste. Before you decide for hair transplant, consult you’re the doctor and talk with your doctor about these risks. COST OF HAIR TRANSPLANT IN ITALY Cost is very important for a person for making a decision to choose a hair transplant as an option to cure baldness. Sometimes the cost factor hinders the way towards hair clinic. The average hair transplant cost in Italy varies from 3000 EU to 10000 EU. The techniques and the procedure stay the same globally, but the cost varies due to the economic strength and living cost of the respective country. Surgeons are well qualified and maintained world class standards for the hair transplant in Italy. To Approach Your Right clinic, You Just Need To Follow These Steps Including: 1. Visit the official websites of hair transplant centers. 2. Read the clinic profile and procedure performing doctor. 3. Based on research choose the right clinic. 4. Share the pictures of the scalp online or Schedule an appointment. 5. Get consultation with the hair transplant doctor. 6. Get discussion about number of grafts required, technique to be used for procedure and cost during the final visit. 7. Book the appointment for hair transplant. Earlier in Italy hair transplant were limited to men hair loss treatment only but nowadays more and more women are enquiring and opting hair transplant to restore hair loss, mainly to fill partition, improve receding hairlines and treat thinning of hair. Among men facial hair transplant is new trend, to store, reshape or grow the hair at beard, moustache or at scars. Facial Hair Transplantation in Italy Trend is in rise of enquiries regarding beard, mustache and eyebrow transplantation. When hair transplant techniques are applied to restore the hair at the face, it is collectively called facial hair transplantation. Specifically, beard and eyebrow transplantation inquiries in Italy have increased in recent times. Most patients come to the clinic for facial hair restoration due to a genetic lack of full, thick facial hair. Some time those patients seek beard and eyebrow transplantation who wants regain hair where hair loss occurred due to scarring, burns, cleft lip repair etc. Male and in few cases transgender are choosing this technique of hair transplant to achieve added masculine appearance. In the case of facial hair transplant, preoperative consultation has the same importance as for baldness. Preoperative consultation and planning of procedure play a very important role in the success of any beard and eyebrow hair transplantation procedure. It is expected from patients that he will convey his choice of facial hair transplant and appearance he wants after the procedure at the time of consultation. The driving force behind the popularity of facial hr transplant is advancement in follicular unit extraction (FUE) techniques. The main advantage in FUE is it doesn’t leave the linear scar at the donor site, unlike traditional FUT hair transplantation surgery. Entities which provide hair transplantation facilities under qualified doctors in Italy are: • Hospitals. • Trichology Clinics. • Dermatology Clinics.