Cities In India For Hair Transplantation

Hair Transplant: Find hair transplant surgeon and center in your city or near to your city. Select the city after choosing the country e.g. India. Or simply click on the name of the city where you are looking to find the hair transplant surgeon from the list. India is long-established destination for the medical treatment. India has hundreds of medical establishments like hospitals, clinics run by well qualified doctors and medical practitioners. Most of the doctors are trained in western countries like USA and UK in modern science, technical skills and equipments. Remarkable progresses in medical field have earned India as well established destination for medical tourism, where patients from abroad visit India for treatments. These treatments include treatment for chronic disease like liver transplant, cancer treatment, kidney transplant and Orthopedics solutions like, knee replacement, hip-replacement etc. India is also offers high quality solution to cosmetic surgeries including hair transplant. Patients are choosing India as its destination to get very high quality treatment at a fraction of the normal cost developed countries. According to reports, India is the second best destination for affordable hair transplant in the world after Turkey and 6th largest market in the world. Now, not only metro cities but now second tier cities also have clinics and hospitals which offers best hair transplant in India The major procedures done under the hair transplant technique in India are: • Head Hair Transplant. • Eyebrow Transplant. • Frontal Hairline Lowering. • Reconstruction (for Beard and Moustache). • Repair hair transplant. Within 25 years of time starting from 1994 when 1st hair transplant procedure using FUT technique was done, numerous hair transplant centers opened in all major cities of India. When quantity increases quality compromised. Some of the centers have world-class infrastructure but some are average. The technique used are FUE, FUT (also called a strip technique) and another technique which is very much is in used is FUE with PRP termed as BIO-technique. Results after the procedure depend on numerous factors like condition of donor hair roots, the age of patient and experience of the doctor. India is one of the best destinations for hair transplant but one should do his inquiry in detail before making the final decision.