Cities In Mexico For Hair Transplantation

Hair Transplant in Mexico: Find out what you must know about hair restoration services in Mexico and which hair transplant doctor to trust and things to keep in mind before deciding for hair surgery in Mexico. Educate and aware your-self through reading text available online, reviews, watching videos demonstrations on the hair transplant for better decision making. An emerging destination: Its border with USA in north, Location of Latin American countries in south and Caribbean countries makes it most suitable destination for these countries for medical facilities including hair transplant. Lots of patients come from Canada as well. According to a report Mexico is 9th top destination of medical tourism in the world; ( ), whereas 6th most popular hair transplant destination in the world. ( ). Health care in Mexico is 30% to 60% less expensive as compared to the cost in the USA analogously. For example if the cost per graft in USA is $10 then it will cost $4. Most of the Mexico-bound health travelers are from USA. Mexico has hair transplant clinics which were established in early years of 2000. Patients from USA are frequent traveler to clinics mostly from border cities like California, Texas or Arizona, even patients from San Diego, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Tucson and Brownsville choose to 2 to 6 hours drive to clinics in cities in Mexico, stay here in a hotel and get their procedure done and travel back. To encourage the patient most of the clinics have kept their consultation free for hair transplant. It is basic that one must understand monetary commitment before entering with any hair treatment technique. Hair Restoration Techniques in Clinics in Mexico: At regular time intervals we keep publishing the latest hair transplant results from clinics in Mexico. Continuous research and scientific advancement have made hair transplant not only hair restoration procedure but also a merger of science and art. A skilled and responsible doctor tries to provide a totally natural appearance hair in terms of both hair style and desired density. FUT also known as Strip technique and FUE hair transplant are two most popular techniques in hair transplant. A non-surgical cell based hair growth dynamic called Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) that is platelet extract from one's own blood to stimulate hair re-growth is also popular. Some other treatments include laser therapy; non-surgical hair replacements are also available in here. Before deciding for treatment is critical to know the difference between two techniques. In a hair transplant by follicular units transplant abbreviated as FUT or strip technique, a narrow strip of skin is removed from the donor site found in the back of the which is closed can heal perfectly. The incision sealed such in a way that hairs grow through the scar and becomes invisible after hair growth. FUE came in practice in later years of FUT, offers many advantages over FUT. Initially FUT was only technique which was in practice but now FUE has gained popularity as most accepted technique. Doing FUE procedure is very tiresome job compared to the traditional FUT (Strip) surgery. In FUE all grafts are extracted directly from donor site one by one contrast to FUT where a strip from donor site and then grafts are separated from it and then transplanted. It requires many long years of practice before a doctor is genuinely become capable in FUE. There are very few qualified FUE doctors in Mexico, so one needs to enquire properly before choosing the clinic. Another advantage with the FUE is used to get the grafts from body hair like chest, beard, armpit etc and this is termed as body hair transplant (BHT). During consultation the procedure is planed with a condition that all should be found suitable including cost optimization. During this stage only number of sessions needed over a period of time is decided. A consultation is scheduled to understand the requirement of the patient. Consultation is important which helps the clinic in providing a natural, aesthetic and definitive solution to those suffering from hair loss. To attract more and more patient the clinics uses the most advanced technology available to get assure result. Results are the natural and patient’s speculations turn into reality. Visit doctor profile to know the result in details. Procedure is safe but few people avoid choosing hair transplant options as it is general notion that it is expensive. But this is not the case for clinics in Mexico; cost is fraction what is charged in USA, Canada and European countries. Not only cost but also the quality of work and the care offered here by clinics to the patient is a driving factor to bring the patients here from the rest of the world. The journey to rediscovering self can begin with your decision of getting hair transplant in Mexico. Tags: Hair transplant Mexico, clinic, doctor, cost, Medical tourism