My Hair Transplant Story

Posted by Admin on 31 Jan, 2017

The following patient from Norway underwent FUT hair transplant surgery with Dr. Wong in May of 2015. After receiving 5,328 grafts in a single surgery, you can clearly see that this patient’s results are nothing less than incredible. In his own words, this patient describes how his hair loss had an effect on his overall confidence, he talks about his investigative process into hair transplant surgery and ultimately, his decision to proceed with surgery with Dr. Wong.

History From Before The Surgery

This is the story about my suffering from hair loss to finding Hasson & Wong, which saved my confidence, my looks and most of all, my life.
When I first noticed my hair loss and how I felt I today realize that my hair loss must have started when I was 18-19 years of age. Before this, I had such beautiful hair. I guess in the beginning it was alright with a little bit thinning cause my hair was so dense that I would work hard to change it for a new hairstyle.